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Welcome to ‘Epic Ultra Women’, a journey in breaking down barriers to female participation in ultra racing.

You can’t be what you can’t see, and we believe that by working together we can help light the way a little for those wanting to take their riding to new places.

Through a series of women’s only camps, access to information and resources from those who have been there before, and the launch of a semi-supported women’s rally for 2024 (alongside our existing events – the Blaenau 600 and 480), we hope that more people will feel ready to embark on a new adventure next year.


We have designed these camps as a series, each providing a stepping stone to riding your first ultra.

For those attending all three, they will cover slightly different areas of preparation and riding, and become slightly more advanced each time.

For those who already feel confident in some areas, you can of course take part in just one!

For those who would benefit from the information provided at a camp, but who are unable to attend for whatever reason, we will be putting together resources after each one to try and bridge this gap for riders.

CAMP #1 – 25th February 2024

The first of our women’s camps will focus on gaining knowledge and skills off the bike in preparation for riding your first ultra, both with hands-on time at our workshop to learn about (and practice) essential trailside repairs and spares, and talks and tutorials with experienced ultra riders and racers that will provide an overview of planning for your first ultra – how to prepare on the bike, what to take, when/where to sleep, resupply options etc

Weather permitting, we’ll also head into the beautiful Shropshire hills for a multi-terrain ride, complete with an essential winter café stop!

Location: Ludlow, UK
Cost: Free
Spaces limited to 10

CAMP #2 – 23rd & 24th MARCH 2024

NOTE: we have now combined this camp with Camp #3, due to the campsite for camp 2 being closed for maintenance work during March!

If you have booked for both camps there no need to take further action. If you have booked for camp #2 only then please sign up for camp #3, which will now cover the content from camp #2 on the Saturday evening around the campfire. We will be sending out some hints and tips regarding luggage and sleep systems ahead of camp #3, as these might come in handy, but these topics will be covered fully in April’s camp, with hands-on examples of lots of different options.

The main focus of our second women’s camp will be on prepping, packing, and riding with a full ultra setup.

As well as a recap of our trailside spares and repairs workshop with outdoor practice, and talks from experienced ultra riders and racers, we will be running through all things bags, kit, and sleep systems with you.

This includes a full rundown of all major bikepacking bag options available to you (we will provide examples of each of these for riders to try), what to pack and how to pack for comfort and efficiency, as well as a full rundown of all sleep system options (we will provide examples of different bivvies, hooped bivvies and tents for riders to try) and the pros and cons of each.

We’ll then head out into the countryside on our fully loaded rigs for a long multi-terrain ride to simulate an ultra setup.

Location: Ludlow, UK – now moved to Llanwyrtd Wells in April as part of Camp #3
Cost: Free (this camp is based in a local campsite – if you wish to stay there you will pay the campsite directly)

CAMP #3 – 27th & 28th APRIL 2024

To provide a final stepping stone to riding your first ultra, this camp will focus on self-supported multi-day riding.

To simulate riding in an ultra, riders will take their loaded bikes out on two full days in the saddle through stunning terrain, starting and finishing each day at the same campsite.

You can choose to ride solo/in pairs etc if you’d like to go it alone, or to join our guided group ride on pre-planned routes that we will send out in advance.

Overnight camping at the start/finish campsite will be using the sleep system from your bike, but will be right next to your car if you’ve driven there.

In the evening you can enjoy fireside talks from experienced ultra riders and racers.

Location: Llanwyrtd Wells, Mid-Wales, UK
Cost: Free (again, this camp is based in a campsite – you will pay the campsite directly for your pitch)
Spaces limited to 30