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mixed terrain adventureS through the remote Welsh Uplands

In 2022, the Blaenau 600 was born. By far the most challenging event we had ever run, the inaugural edition surpassed our expectations in every way and we built on our experiences and lessons learned to deliver an expanded event in 2023.

For 2024 the Blaenau 600 will be back with a few tweaks to how it is run, a small amount of route replanning to take in some great new trails, and it will be joined by a new event, the Epic Women’s Rally, which will be a ‘semi-supported’ event and be based around our Blaenau 480 route – it’ll actually be 500km as there are a couple of variations to take riders past three suggested minimalist semi-wild campsites.

At 600km long with over 14,000m of climbing, taking in multiple Welsh hill and mountain ranges, the brutality of the landscape is equalled only by its beauty. Blaenau translates roughly as ‘remote uplands’, so you get the idea! The Blaenau 600 follows a fixed route, is self-supported, and is fully tracked for Dot Watching (but has no prizes or podiums). The Rally will be semi-supported, but still tracked.

The Blaenau 600 will start at 8:30am from Epic Cycles on Saturday 8th June 2024, and while there is no time limit, there’s a finishers pizza party on 11th June to aim for. The Rally will start at 9:30am on the same day, with the same finishers party to aim for.

Also new for 2024 is Epic Ultra Women, a series of camps from February to April, that we hope will help to break down barriers to female participation in ultra racing. Through these camps, access to information and resources from those who have been there before, and the launch of a semi-supported women’s rally for 2024 (alongside our existing events – the Blaenau 600 and 480), we hope that more people will feel ready to embark on a new adventure next year.

The Blaenau, Epic Women’s Rally and Epic Ultra Women’s Camps are all not-for-profit events. Any surplus revenue will be donated to West Mercia Search and Rescue.



Many thanks to Sadie Aldrige and Dan Sparrow for permission to use their photos

Organised by The Cross Cartel with support from Epic Cycles